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Poetry Speaks Expanded

Poetry Speaks Expanded

A new edition of the 2001 bestseller with five new writers, including James Joyce.

Selected Works

Award-winning revision of the bestselling "Poetry Speaks"
Revised version of "Poetry Speaks" with five new poets, including James Joyce and May Swenson.
Four CD box set
Archival recordings of 98 poets reading their work. The most comprehensive anthology of poets reading their work ever.
"This is the definitive anthology to date of canonical poets reading short selections of their own work...”
--Publishers Weekly
“digs deep to unearth a wealth of unheard and rare material spanning almost the entire 20th century. The collection features some of the greatest names in black literature, and--as Al Young points out in the liner notes--it can be a revelation to hear..."
”Throughout this set, poetry’s bad rep for being stodgy and academic vanishes into something joyfully, wittily alive.”